Using Simulation to Plan a Low-Carbon Recovery (webinar recording available)

A conversation with  Leonardo Garrido, Lead Economist, New Climate Economy, and Andrea Bassi, CEO, KnowlEdge, and Senior Associate, IISD. 

15 July 2020, at 4:00 PM Central European Summer Time

Watch the webinar’s full recording:

Planning a low-carbon recovery requires that we look ahead to determine how public spending today can trigger economic growth tomorrow. But growth alone is not enough. There must also be widescale innovation in low-carbon goods and services, better resilience to changing climates, increased investment in education and skills, and, most importantly, deep dematerialization across value chains at home and abroad.

We are in fact suggesting that economic support is tied to performance conditions on carbon and climate. Leonardo and Andrea discussed how simulation can be used to look long and make wise investment decisions.

Public money must, after all, deliver public goods.

Leonardo and Andrea spoke with Oshani Perera, Director of Infrastructure at IISD.