Victoria launches AUD800 million package for renewables and energy efficiency

On November 17, the government of Victoria unveiled a new AUD800 million energy saving package for homes in the Australian state. The package aims to incentivize more energy efficient appliances and heating systems, increase the energy efficiency standards of new and existing homes, and expand a solar and battery rebate scheme. The new scheme is described as the biggest household energy efficiency package in any Australian state’s history and can significantly contribute to a green recovery.

  • The package includes AUD335 million to fund the replacement of old wood, electric or gas-fired heaters with new energy-efficient heating systems for low-income households.
  • AUD191 million are allocated to the expansion of the state’s Solar Homes program, which is estimated to enable 140,000 households to install solar panels on their roof at no upfront cost over the next two years. The government is also reported to have expanded the home battery rebate.
  • Another AUD14 million are earmarked for the expansion of the Victorian Energy Upgrades program to provide more households with access to rebates for energy efficient appliances.
  • AUD112 million will go towards sealing windows and doors, and upgrading heating, cooling and hot water systems in 35,000 social housing properties.