Sustainable Recovery in Colombia: President underlines ambitions

Colombia’s president Ivan Duque sees his country on track to economic recovery. Participating in a virtual conference on August 20, 2020, he discussed the key role of the government’s stimulus and recovery plan, called Compromiso por el Futuro de Colombia. It includes investments over COP 100 billion (about EUR 22 million) and the creation of 1 million jobs. The plan was initially presented in late July and is organized around five pillars:

  • Employment generation
  • Clean and sustainable growth
  • Support for the vulnerable and rural communities
  • Peace
  • Strengthening the health care sector.

The plan’s “roadmap for sustainable growth” focuses on topics such as energy transition, combatting the effects of climate change, more reforestation and less deforestation, and access to environmental information. The government is planning to foster the country’s clean energy transition with the aim of making Colombia the regional leader in this field. It will spend COP 16 billion (EUR 3.5 million) to accelerate 27 renewable energy and transmission projects, hoping to create about 55,000 jobs. The president also stressed his ambitions regarding an environmental transformation and participation in the carbon dioxide capture market, including a plan to plant 180 million trees and promote agroforestry.