How to Make a Green Recovery Inclusive for all Canadians

The Smart Prosperity Institute has published an article outlining opportunities for a green and inclusive COVID-19 recovery in Canada. The authors underline that some groups within society, especially women, younger workers, persons of colour, and persons with disabilities, have been hit disproportionately hard by the recession. The article, therefore, calls on the government to carefully design stimulus measures that foster green development while improving inclusivity.

It presents four steps that should be taken to make sure policy-makers have the vision, data, and accounting techniques that are needed to make a resilient recovery. For instance, Canada is invited to “set quantifiable national goals that advance equity and inclusivity,” analyze data about accessibility to essential infrastructure and services, and assess the social and ecological co-benefits of recovery investments.

Once these steps are taken, several measures could create jobs and foster a green, inclusive future. The nine suggested policy ideas include growing the eco-tourism sector, creating a conservation and adaptation corps, prioritizing energy efficiency retrofits in low-income housing, and investing in zero-emission public transportation.