Green Recovery Measures for Western Australia

The state government of Western Australia released a comprehensive recovery plan at the end of July 2020. The plan puts forward 21 priorities and includes investments of AUD 5.5 billion aimed at creating local jobs in various sectors such as construction, renewable energy, education, and agriculture. Some of the investment priorities will fund sustainable recovery measures, for instance:

  • AUD 23 million is earmarked for green jobs to employ people with no prior skills in environmental restoration and conservation.
  • AUD 229 million will be invested in training and further education, e.g., for new training facilities or reduced course fees.
  • AUD 10 million will be directed towards the Clean Energy Future Fund to invest in clean energy technologies, and AUD 6 million will be spent on the installation of rooftop solar PV on social housing.
  • AUD 13 million is designated for upgrades at Volunteer Emergency Services stations and units across the state, including fire and rescue services and bush fire brigades.