Singapore’s push for sustainable growth and social safety

Singapore President Halimah Yacob revealed plans for the country’s green recovery during the opening of the nation’s 14th Parliament on August 24, 2020. She announced major efforts to foster sustainable growth while improving social safety nets and education. The government plans to “push for green financing and sustainable infrastructure development across the region, to ride on Asia’s growth while protecting the environment.” It expects to develop competitive advantages through green recovery measures: “We will reimagine how we plan our city, redesign urban mobility and grow using less resources in a low-carbon future.”

President Halimah underlined the government’s priority to create jobs and strengthen social safety nets during current times of high uncertainty. She pledged to pay special attention to the needs of those Singaporeans severely affected by the pandemic, especially lower-wage, mature, and mid-career workers. In her speech, she addressed the government’s continued investments in training and education for all citizens and asked for social cohesion during and beyond the crisis.