New legislation in the UK empowers Micro-Mobility Services

Geography: Europe
Sector: Mobility

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On 30th June 2020, the UK parliament passed new road transport legislation that will allow rentable e-scooters on streets from July 4th onwards. The use of privately owned e-scooters remains however illegal on public roads. The new rules will allow local authorities and administrations in the UK to deploy and promote e-scooter sharing schemes. A 12 months trial phase is now due to start and around 50 local authorities have already expressed interest.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic´s adverse impacts on public transport use and the acute risk that private motorized vehicle use will spike in the coming months, the UK government announced a £2 billion recovery package for the transport sector. The package is targeting to promote active mobility and micro-mobility services. The new regulatory changes in the UK are an important element for realizing a sustainable recovery of the transport sector, especially in urban areas.