COVID Mobility Works

Geography: All Regions
Sector: Mobility

Website: COVID Mobility Works

Subject: Platform for collecting, synthesizing, and sharing mobility initiatives from around the world that ensure mobility during the COVID-19 pandemic. Covered initiatives are efforts of the public sector, private sector, and NGOs. The platform advocates for resilient, inclusive, and sustainable transportation systems for all.

Hosts: A group of non-profit organizations, including NUMOPolisTNO, the Transportation Sustainability Research Center, the Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative, the Urbanism Next Center, and the World Economic Forum’s Global New Mobility Coalition.

Stimulus and Response Measures:

  • Economic recovery instruments for various transport modes
  • Regulatory changes
  • New goods and services for mobility, including health and safety
  • Changes to public space
  • Equity measures
  • Information and data use
  • Public engagement