Green Climate Fund Invests in Building Climate Resilience in Mongolia

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) approved a USD 23.1 million grant towards strengthening the climate resilience of Mongolian herder communities. The project aims to enhance climate-informed natural resources management and sustainable livestock practices, building on traditional cooperative approaches among herders. It will also introduce innovative technologies for the traceability of sustainably sourced livestock products and rehabilitate degraded land and catchment areas. About 26,000 households (130,000 people) living in four of Mongolia’s most remote and vulnerable provinces are expected to benefit directly. Resident Representative for UNDP Mongolia, Elaine Conkievich, said about the project:

“As a trusted partner of the Government of Mongolia, UNDP is pleased to co-implement this transformative cross-sectoral project which comes at a critical time – a time in which the challenges of realizing SDGs have doubled due to the adverse impacts of COVID-19, especially, for marginalised and rural communities. Taken together, the interventions will help to reduce volatility – and thus loss from climate shocks – help diversify households’ incomes, reduce pressure on rangelands resources, and promote responsible and fair usage of the limited resources.”