Recovery Plan: Italy intends to invest in a green transition and sustainable mobility

The Italian government unveiled the outline of the national COVID-19 recovery plan, which will allocate a total of EUR 196 billion to six key areas. The plan includes the following investments:

  • EUR 74.3 billion is earmarked for a green revolution and ecologic transition.
  • EUR 48.7 billion will go toward digitalization and innovation.
  • EUR 27.7 billion will be invested in sustainable mobility and infrastructure.
  • EUR 19.2 billion is planned for education and research.
  • EUR 17.1 billion will foster gender equality.
  • EUR 9 billion will be invested in health care.

The draft plan for spending the funds Italy will receive from the European Recovery Fund was discussed during a meeting of the Council of Ministers on December 7 and still needs to be approved.