Policy Briefing: Drafting Green Recovery Plans

In a policy briefing published on November 12, the think tank E3G discusses Europe’s economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis and efforts to align the recovery with the European Green Deal. The paper called Drafting Recovery Plans for a Resilient and Green Economy emphasizes that national governments should carefully plan their recovery packages to make sure they comply with rules by the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility. This means, for instance, that at least 37% of funding must be allocated to climate objectives, while the remaining measures may not harm the European Green Deal’s objectives.

The authors present a checklist for national governments that are currently drafting recovery plans to ensure that funding effectively contributes to a resilient and green recovery:

  • Ensure compliance with the at least 37% quota for climate spending, oriented towards alignment with the EU taxonomy.
  • Ensure the implementation of the “do no significant harm” principle for the rest of the recovery fund and do not invest in any infrastructure that will lock-in carbon-intensive activities.
  • Identify key areas for modernization, build an investment plan based on an overarching transformation strategy to reap the benefits from the recovery funds.
  • Avoid creating lists of existing projects, especially if they are already covered by other funds, to create a real recovery effect.
  • Ensure involvement of civil society, scientists and others through a transparent drafting process, including an effective public consultation.
  • Build in elements for long-term resilience, including links to structural reforms, quality of spending and the rule of law.