C40 Mayors Advocate for a Green and Just Recovery in Cities

On July 15, the C40 Global Mayors COVID-19 Recovery Task Force published a new report, C40 Mayors Agenda for a Green and Just Recovery. C40 is a network of 96 cities across the globe committed to addressing climate change, and the Task Force was launched in April 2020 to rebuild post-pandemic cities and economies by addressing climate change, improving public health, and reducing inequality. Its Statement of Principles has been endorsed by more than 40 mayors.

The agenda set out key actions for a green and just recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. First, C40 mayors will take the lead in acting for jobs and an inclusive economy by creating decent, green jobs fast and supporting programs to upskill and reskill workers. They will also lead in acting for resilience and equity by providing critical public services for all and a safe and resilient mass transit system. Lastly, the mayors will take the lead in acting for health and well-being by redesigning city spaces and building with nature-based solutions to promote short distance and non-motorized transportation.

In addition, they ask national and regional governments, central banks, and international financial institutions to join them. C40 mayors call on them to commit to an equitable and sustainable recovery through investment in resilient cities, zero-emission transportation, and clean energy.