IEA Report Demands Greater Efforts for the Clean Energy Transition

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has published its new flagship report, Energy Technology Perspectives 2020. It analyses more than 800 different technology options to assess pathways to reaching net-zero emissions by 2070 while ensuring a resilient and secure energy system.

According to the report, transitioning only the power sector to clean energy would get the world only one third of the way to net-zero emissions. Reaching this goal will therefore require significant changes in the transport, industry, and buildings sectors. Much greater use of electricity in these sectors, which today accounts for about 55% of carbon dioxide emissions from the energy system, would contribute considerably to reaching net-zero emissions. The IEA highlights that governments need to urgently accelerate clean energy transitions to meet international goals and underlines the core areas for policy-makers to address:

  • Tackle emissions from existing assets
  • Strengthen markets for technologies at an early stage of adoption
  • Develop and upgrade infrastructure that enables technology deployment
  • Boost support for research, development, and demonstration
  • Expand international technology collaboration.

The report notes that economic stimulus measures for a COVID-19 recovery “offer a key opportunity to take urgent action that could boost the economy while supporting clean energy and climate goals.”