Sustainable investing passed its first real test

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Sustainable investing will play an important role in financing COVID-19 recovery measures alongside other pressing social and environmental objectives. Therefore, it is great to see that sustainable investing passed its first real test of how much investors really care about sustainability. The FT reports that the COVID-19 pandemic has not seemed to impact investor’s commitment to ESG investing. Quite the opposite: “Almost nine in 10 wealth managers polled believed that the Covid-19 pandemic would result in increased investor interest in ESG investing.” So, the recent growth in sustainable investing is expected to continue even in case of an extended economic uncertainty. One reason for this is that the role good companies can play has become more apparent during the crisis. “There are examples of good and bad practices — and that has served to highlight that companies are part of the fabric of society” said Rob Morgan pensions & investments analyst at Charles Stanley, the wealth manager.