South Africa and WRI Collaborate for Green, Equitable Urban Recovery

On October 30, 2020, the South Africa National Department for Cooperative Governance, World Resources Institute (WRI) Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, and the Coalition for Urban Transitions announced a new partnership. It will support a green, resilient, and equitable COVID-19 recovery for cities in South Africa while focusing on implementing the country’s Integrated Urban Development Framework. Ani Dasgupta, Global Director, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, said:

“South Africa is a crucial partner with an opportunity to steer its cities towards more equitable, more sustainable, more resilient growth that not only helps the country recover from the current crisis but address longstanding challenges in bringing the benefits of urban economies to everyone.”

Recovery packages that invest in cities offer governments the opportunity to create economic security and jobs while moving toward more sustainable development. During the event announcing the new partnership, the Coalition for Urban Transitions presented findings from its report The Economic Case for Greening the Global Recovery Through Cities. This research emphasizes seven investment areas crucial for a green urban recovery:  1) green construction and retrofits, 2) clean mobility, 3) renewable energy, 4) active transport, 5) nature-based solutions, 6) waste and resources, and 7) R&D for clean technologies.