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Green, Resilient, and Equitable Actions for Transformation (GREAT) Database

Subject: COVID-19 recovery plans by cities, states and national leaders that address racial, gender, and economic equity issues, or contribute to climate change mitigation and resilience. Host: Climate Interactive Stimulus and Response Measures: measures that can produce benefits in racial, gender, and economic equity and in climate change mitigation and resilience measures on municipal, state or...Read more »

Cycling Beyond the Crisis: COVID-19 Measures Tracker

Subject: Policy and infrastructure measures in European countries and cities to promote cycling in response to the COVID-19 lockdown and beyond. The platform provider collects, analyzes, and graphically presents data in an interactive dashboard. Host: European Cyclists’ Federation Stimulus and Response Measures: Budget allocation, subsidies, campaigns, and new policies to promote cycling, including: Cycle lane...Read more »

Energy Policy Tracker

Subject: Tracking real-time data on approved public finance and policy measures targeting energy generation and consumption to stimulate economies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The tracking follows a bottom-up approach, which involves collecting data on individual policies at an individual country level and then aggregating them. The Tracker is being launched in several phases....Read more »

Global Conservation Rollbacks Tracker

Subject: Tracking of rollbacks to conservation efforts which are being proposed and enacted during the COVID-19 pandemic in countries around the world. Such developments might put a sustainable recovery vision at risk as short-term economic recovery benefits are being realized at the expense of nature conservation and intact ecosystems. Host: Conservation International  Measures impairing nature...Read more »

COVID Mobility Works

Subject: Platform for collecting, synthesizing, and sharing mobility initiatives from around the world that ensure mobility during the COVID-19 pandemic. Covered initiatives are efforts of the public sector, private sector, and NGOs. The platform advocates for resilient, inclusive, and sustainable transportation systems for all. Hosts: A group of non-profit organizations, including NUMO, Polis, TNO, the Transportation Sustainability Research...Read more »

COVID-19 Government Measures Guide for Companies

Subject: Key measures implemented by countries around the world with a focus on changing rules and restrictions for business operations  Host: Thompson Hine  Stimulus and Response Measures: Economic measures, including loan facilities, tax deferrals and stimulus offerings  Labor and employment and employee benefit measures Health and safety measures Export and import developments, including new restrictions for medical...Read more »

Export Restrictions Tracker

Subject: Food Export Restrictions during the Covid-19 crisis Host: David Laborde Stimulus and Response Measures: Food export restrictions

COVID-19 Responses: Funding Opportunities

Subject: Analysis of funding opportunities in response to COVID-19 Host: DEVEX Stimulus and Response Measures: various

Oxford Coronavirus Government Response Tracker

Subject: Tracker collects information on policy responses and scores the stringency of such measures Host: Blavatnik School of Government & University of Oxford  Stimulus and Response Measures: school and workplace closing public events and gatheringsclosing public transport travel restrictionsincome support fiscal measures giving international support testing policy emergency investment in healthcare …

Prudential Regulatory Measures in Response to COVID-19

Subject: Prudential, securities and related regulatory measures adopted internationally Host: Institute of International Finance (IIF)  Stimulus and Response Measures: Capital Liquidity Provisioning, definition of default and NPL-related measuresConsultations / ImplementationTimetables Other Measures