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Monetary and Fiscal Policy Responses

Subject: Monetary and fiscal response measures worldwide Host: Institute of International Finance (IIF)  Stimulus and Response Measures: Rate actions Other monetary measures Direct support Credit / loan guarantees Other fiscal measures 

COVID-19 Financial Response Tracker

Subject: Interventions by central banks, fiscal authorities, and organizations aimed at restoring financial stability Host: Yale Program on Financial Stability (YPFS)  Stimulus and Response Measures: Fiscal stimulus Macroprudential Policy Credit facilities Monetary Policy Loan Guarantees Market Liquidity Asset Purchases 

Culture & COVID-19: Impact and Response Tracker

Subject: Weekly tracker about the impact of COVID-19 on culture and examples of how countries around the world are adapting to the situation Host: United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Stimulus and Response Measures: Promotion of art and artists Closure and reopening of cultural institutionsConservation and maintenance Digital outreach …

OPSI Tracker: Innovative COVID-19 Responses

Subject: Innovative responses to COVID-19 in public services, information and health Host: Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI) Stimulus and Response Measures: Public service delivery under new circumstances Information and practice sharing Resource management and mobilisation Real-time data collection, sharing, and analysis Crowdsourcing solutions Governance responses Health and safety of responders Social effects of the crisis …

Economic support measures in response to COVID-19

Subject: Economic support measures and closure and containment policies worldwide Host: International Growth Centre (IGC) Coverage: 130 countries Stimulus and Response Measures: Cash transfers Wage & employment support Credit schemes / guarantees / business support TaxesLiquidity measures & other monetary measures     …

Data & Privacy Implications of COVID-19 Measures

Subject: Measures restricting people’s freedom, including their privacy and other human rights  Host: Privacy International Stimulus and Response Measures: Apps and technologyTelecommunications and location data Quarantine enforcement Tracking …

EY Global Tax Policy Tracker

Subject: Policy changes related to taxes  Host: EY Coverage: 136 countries Stimulus and Response Measures: Business tax Personal tax VAT, GST and Trade 

USA Policy Tracker

Subject: US state and local government responses to COVID-19 Host: Multistate Coverage: United States Stimulus and Response Measures: Closure / reopening of businesses, restaurants, schools State of emergency Executive orders Capitol closures Travel and gathering restrictions Assistance for businesses …

COVID-19 Global Humanitarian Response Plan

Subject: Commitments, pledges and projected funding of the Global Humanitarian Response Plan (GHRP) Hosts: Financial Tracking Services (FTS), United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) Stimulus and Response Measures: crisis response and relief healthnutritionprevention…

Green Recovery: Emissions Tracker

Subject: Tracker of how the world’s “green recovery” plans aim to cut emissions Host: Carbon Brief Coverage: Focus on EU, Germany and South Korea Stimulus and Response Measures: Energy efficiency Electricity Green jobs Hydrogen Transport